White-Tailed Deer

Hone Your Skills Hunting White-Tailed Deer

Hone Your Skills Hunting White-Tailed Deer

Come to Shadow Draw Ranch for an amazing hunting experience

Shadow Draw Ranch is the place to be for white-tailed deer hunting. We heavily manage our land and help the population develop. We have everything from small does to multiple point bucks, providing you with the opportunity to test your hunting skills with every visit.

Hunt in a top-notch hunting facility in Sweetwater, TX. Visit us today to bag the big one.

Things to know about hunting white-tailed deer in Texas

White-tailed deer are very common in Texas, and it's important to know a thing or two about them before you head out to hunt. Here are a few facts about white-tailed deer hunting:

  • September is the beginning of rut, when bucks fight over does
  • Most does have their fawns in the early spring
  • Late September to early February is hunting season

Experience white-tailed deer hunting at a facility that breeds them well. Call now to learn more about our hunting packages.