Break Away From the Hustle and Bustle

Take a vacation at Shadow Draw Ranch

Do you need a break from the constant work meetings and congested traffic lanes? If it's been a while since you took a vacation, you're probably feeling worn-out and in need of some relaxing solitude.

Whether you need a two-day getaway by yourself or you want to plan a longer trip with friends or family, you'll love your stay at Shadow Draw Ranch in Sweetwater, TX.

Learn more about our quaint lake-front ranch.


How good are your hog-hunting skills?



Take advantage of our fishing opportunities.



Plan a weekend getaway at Shadow Draw Ranch.

Relax and unwind

Relax and unwind

Everyone has a different idea of what vacation should be. If your ideal vacation involves relaxing by a serene lake and enjoying outdoor activities, then Shadow Draw Ranch is just for you.

Our ranch...

  • Offers prime fishing experiences
  • Is a spacious habitat for wildlife
  • Offers riveting hunting opportunities
  • Provides comfortable overnight lodging

Enjoy fishing with friends over a long weekend or venture out solo to enjoy some peace and quiet. Either way, you'll love every minute spent at Shadow Draw Ranch.

Contact us today to learn more about our lodging accommodations.

Embark on an exciting chase

If you've never been hunting before, you're missing out. Shadow Draw Ranch is the perfect place to put your focus and your aim to the test. See what it's like to spend a day in nature chasing wild hogs or turkey. Post up in a tree canopy or blend in with the brush below.

Make your hunting excursion even more memorable by enjoying it with your buddies. Come prepared with friends to embark on an exciting hunt.

Our hunting excursions require a two-day minimum stay. Call 325-236-0780 now to learn more about hunting opportunities at Shadow Draw Ranch.

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